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Learning 3.0 reflects our belief that learning is changing at a rapid pace, making knowledge transfer tools and methods developed for the Industrial Economy will stay there as society moves constantly towards the Knowledge Economy.

We blog about our belief in Social Learning that helps nurture our natural, hard-wired ability to acquire knowledge through connections and Serendipitous Learning.

Nearly all learning that takes place – and here we mean real learning – when we interact socially – in terms communicating and collaborating with others to produce learning.

Learning is a lifelong process that usually begins after we leave school to the day that we die – although we may not always be conscious of the fact that we are learning.

Our interest is in how new communication tools can be harnessed to enrich the existing blend without erasing what exists already – one example being Social Media.

Today people may see Social Media as a passing fad that can be discounted – in 3 years time the same people will be wondering how we existed, communicated and learnt without it.

Learning 3.0 is the future ….

We hope you enjoy this blog and welcome guest blogger posts that fit into the general subject vein and philosophy of our blog – if you would like to write a guest post and get recognised for this – then talk to us.

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  1. This is an inspiring post. I do believe that learning is a life long process too. There are so many different ways to learn nowadays. I do a lot of listening to podcasts, online courses like the Khan Academy and read a ton of content.

    Even outside of the online world, there are tons of community courses as well as language courses put on by embassies for free usually. These allow you to interact socially too, so you can learn and meet people at the same time.

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